About the Developer


I'm Eric, the creator of AutoGaugeX. I'm a car enthusiast turned Mechanical Engineer turned software developer. I created AutoGaugeX because I love cars, I love data, and at the time, Windows Phone was pretty new and there were no OBD2 apps in the store.

Why Did I Create AutoGaugeX?

I would like to continually develop and improve this app WITH the people using it. So I built this site not only as a landing page for the app but more importantly to connect with users as well as fellow car enthusiasts. I'm also hoping to share my experiences developing this app in case anyone can learn from me.

More About Me

I'm 34 years old living in SoCal, and (still) have my 9-5 job working as a Mechanical Engineer. So why is a Mechanical Engineer writing apps? Well, after several years on the job, it occurred to me that the engineers of the future will have to be really good at writing full-blown software (not just macros and code snippets), so I decided to try and get an early start. I spent countless hours at night teaching myself about classes and modules and properties and on and on. After going cross-eyed a few times things finally started clicking and eventually AutoGaugeX was born. My experiences developing software also helped me land a new position at my day job where I combine Mechanical Engineering and software development. Ultimately, I've learned several languages, built several mobile apps, websites, desktop apps, office add-ins, with more to come. It's been a great journey and I'm excited where it will go. Looking forward to sharing it all with you!